Ozwood Online

Ozwood Online is the way of the future, while movies are enjoyed on the big screen and through Video/DVD rentals; we also see the future of entertainment accessible via PC, home theatre, online games console, or even mobile phone through your internet connection.

With the internet becoming faster and wireless access points available everywhere, you will be able to watch anything you like anytime from any place! Perhaps while waiting in the car, having lunch at the park, travelling on public transport, even on flights!

Ozwood Online will utilise this technology to reach you with your favourite shows where ever you may be. Our aim is not only to distribute movies through major international vendors, but also through online vendors as well, wether it be an independent film, short story, daily or weekly episodes, documentaries, etc...

We will distribute these for you through our existing online vendor partners, allowing the world to access your work from the web. Imagine going to different websites where you can watch your movies online! Best of all, no more hurrying to get home, because you choose the time to watch what you want when you want.

If you're an online vendor who would like to be one of our distributors, or your a film maker and wish to have your work distributed on the big screen or online! then email us at distribution@ozwoodentertainment.com At Ozwood Entertainment, we appreciate that not all movies make it to the big screen.

With online distribution, you'll have a chance to be discovered by your market.Soon we will list our distributors whom carry Ozwood distributed productions for you to enjoy!